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Range: 14 squares

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Range: 14

Result of the search

VillagePlayerAllianceVillagesPopulation+/-(1d)+/-(7d)PlaytimeTravel time
( 1|10 )A00aliceNTMY85226(+0)(+0)66 Days42m 51s

(0|0) All neighbors

Range: 14 squares


( 0|0 )NatarsNatars10428083(-6)(-3881)66 Days
( -6|1 )WW VillageNatars10428083(-6)(-3881)66 Days
( -1|6 )WW VillageNatars10428083(-6)(-3881)66 Days
( 5|-4 )POOPS I DID IT AGAINOllsmanV3122760(+15)(+844)66 Days
( -3|-6 )WW VillageNatars10428083(-6)(-3881)66 Days
( 6|3 )WW VillageNatars10428083(-6)(-3881)66 Days
( -1|-9 )La JoyaNathan JamesRED1812997(+8)(+21)66 Days
( 6|-7 )VitorNathan JamesRED1812997(+8)(+21)66 Days
( 4|-9 )Master and CommanderNathan JamesRED1812997(+8)(+21)66 Days
( 1|10 )A00aliceNTMY85226(+0)(+0)66 Daysno rise (7d)
( 11|-1 )FatimaJarmirNWELT1711689(+0)(+358)66 Daysno rise (1d)