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Travian calculators

Here you will find many tools and calculators for Travian.

Tip: You can find more player related tools under Advanced tools.

Interception calculator

With the troop interception calculator, you can easily catch attacking armies as they arrive home in their own village. So you can force them in a defensive position.

Culture points

The culture points calculator tells you when you will be able to settle or conquer new villages. You also get a timeline of your estimated culture points production.

Technology calculator

With this calculator, you can easily view how research affects your troops, and calculate the best times to increase research to a certain level. It will show you the exact amount of troops you need to benefit from an upgrade.

NPC calculator

If you go to the npc trader to get the most out of your game, this tool will calculate the best trade for you. You can optimize the calculation in many ways. Also it will try to perfectly balance production time of barracks, stable and workshop.

Save troops

Send your troops away at night to keep them safe, as they cannot be caught by an attack. You can specify any duration and get a possible farm target in perfect distance.

Path calculator

The path calculator calculates the distance and travel time for your troops to another village.
Supports all versions, speed worlds, tournament squares, artifacts and hero bonus.


Advanced tool to calculate the tournament square and speed of an incoming attack with no more than the attack times as you see them.