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This is an archived and outdated Travian server world and not active anymore.
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Range: 14 squares

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Range: 14

Attention: Because of an error in the map.sql file from Travian, all population values can be 0-2 higher or lower than the displayed value. So inactive villages may have changes of up to 2 population.

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(0|0) All Neighbors

Range: 14 squares


( 0|0 )NatariNatari13142033(+1255)(+42033)100 Days
( 1|0 )Respect RegulamentulMultihunterTG-TS120(+0)(+20)100 Daysno Rise (1d)
( 2|2 )9.Arici PogoniciGuşterulWarriors108607(+0)(+8607)83 Daysno Rise (1d)
( -1|3 )4.Hapciu PicaciuGuşterulWarriors108607(+0)(+8607)83 Daysno Rise (1d)
( 3|2 )8.AgariciuGuşterulWarriors108607(+0)(+8607)83 Daysno Rise (1d)
( 0|4 )5.Butoiul Cu MaimuţeGuşterulWarriors108607(+0)(+8607)83 Daysno Rise (1d)
( -1|4 )Q3.Vârfu SlăninaDr.Ing.RaresWarriors75118(+0)(+5118)75 Daysno Rise (1d)
( -4|3 )3.The GodfatherGuşterulWarriors108607(+0)(+8607)83 Daysno Rise (1d)
( 0|5 )6.SmângăliciuGuşterulWarriors108607(+0)(+8607)83 Daysno Rise (1d)
( -5|1 )Q5.PuţureniDr.Ing.RaresWarriors75118(+0)(+5118)75 Daysno Rise (1d)
( -2|6 )1.Ţâţă CaldăGuşterulWarriors108607(+0)(+8607)83 Daysno Rise (1d)
( -4|6 )2.Il Capo Dei CapiGuşterulWarriors108607(+0)(+8607)83 Daysno Rise (1d)
( -3|7 )Q6.GhizdaruDr.Ing.RaresWarriors75118(+0)(+5118)75 Daysno Rise (1d)
( -7|3 )Q4.Vârfu TărâțaDr.Ing.RaresWarriors75118(+0)(+5118)75 Daysno Rise (1d)
( -8|1 )Q7.Coţofenii din DosDr.Ing.RaresWarriors75118(+0)(+5118)75 Daysno Rise (1d)
( 8|1 )16.Fleoasca%King KongBorg1812920(+0)(+12920)84 Daysno Rise (1d)
( 3|8 )04 abijoska13395(+0)(+395)84 Daysno Rise (1d)
( -5|7 )Q2.Vârfu OmuDr.Ing.RaresWarriors75118(+0)(+5118)75 Daysno Rise (1d)
( 2|10 )7.Prăvale BabaGuşterulWarriors108607(+0)(+8607)83 Daysno Rise (1d)
( -3|11 )10.TABOOJon snow117826(+0)(+7826)84 Daysno Rise (1d)
( -4|11 )99.ScârbosuGuşterulWarriors108607(+0)(+8607)83 Daysno Rise (1d)
( 9|-8 )GreșealăbutucBad Boys1712314(+0)(+12314)84 Daysno Rise (1d)
( -5|-11 ).WW VillageSugar BeastSW Squad127059(+0)(+7059)84 Daysno Rise (1d)
( -12|2 ).WW SW SquadSugar BeastSW Squad127059(+0)(+7059)84 Daysno Rise (1d)
( -2|12 )WW VillageNo nameNV3022932(+0)(+22932)84 Daysno Rise (1d)
( 11|6 )BluelucicostStrumfii148733(+0)(+8733)80 Daysno Rise (1d)
( 8|-10 )21 Angi 9cMementoMoriBadBoys2622688(+0)(+22688)84 Daysno Rise (1d)