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Battle report: Bahubali attacks Night Rider

Subject:  Bahubali attacks Night Rider
Time: Saturday, 27/05/2017 7:04:09 am
Attacker Bahubali of village B02
 LegionnairePraetorianImperianEquites LegatiEquites ImperatorisEquites CaesarisBattering RamFire CatapultSenatorSettlerHero
Info: Earth Wall has been destroyed.
Info:Residence - was selected target. Main Building has been destroyed.
Info:Palace - was selected target. Granary has been destroyed.
Info:Loyalty lowered from 125 to 26.
Info:Artefact could not be captured. Attacker's treasury is full.
Bounty 217,420 191,375 170,646 480,000
Defender Night Rider of village 22: Sins
 ClubswingerSpearmanAxemanScoutPaladinTeutonic KnightRamCatapultChiefSettlerHero
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