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Range: 14 squares

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Range: 14

Attention: Because of an error in the map.sql file from Travian, all population values can be 0-2 higher or lower than the displayed value. So inactive villages may have changes of up to 2 population.

Result of the search

VillagePlayerAllianceVillagesPopulation+/-(1d)+/-(7d)PlaytimeTravel time
( 1|0 )Multihunter VillageMultihunterTG-TS114(+0)(+0)96 Days8m 34s

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(0|0) All Neighbors

Range: 14 squares


( 0|0 )NatarsNatars33761046(+753)(+5013)96 Days
( 1|0 )Multihunter VillageMultihunterTG-TS114(+0)(+0)96 Daysno Rise (7d)
( -6|-9 )DoomedimpalaFalcons!74644(+37)(+489)85 Days
( 8|9 )ValhallaRagnar41170(+0)(-696)85 Daysno Rise (1d)
( 9|-8 )WW VillageNatars33761046(+753)(+5013)96 Days
( -5|-11 )WW VillageNatars33761046(+753)(+5013)96 Days
( -12|2 )WW VillageNatars33761046(+753)(+5013)96 Days
( -2|12 )WW VillageNatars33761046(+753)(+5013)96 Days
( 11|6 )WW VillageNatars33761046(+753)(+5013)96 Days