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Advanced inactive villages search and farm finder for

The inactive villages search helps you to find new farms and inactive players in your Travian world.

Travian server:Server 34 ( - Change Travian server
Starting village:(|)
Range: Squares (max: 100)
More options
max. population change: (Population change in the last 7 days.)
Player min. villages: up to
Player min. population: up to
Anti noob:
Travel time display:
Speed / TS: / TS:

Result of the search

VillagePlayerAllianceVillagesPopulation+/-(1d)+/-(7d)PlaytimeTravel time
( -4|0 )BeliasBriape1621(+0)(+0)126 Days34m 17s
( -10|-6 )КубаMishak1379(+0)(+0)130 Days1h 39m 58s
( -8|-9 )BracáriaBarrolaik1252(+0)(+0)130 Days1h 43m 13s
( -10|9 )01 PreußenBismarck2811(+0)(+0)126 Days1h 55m 19s
( -4|16 )AkropolisMars1337(+0)(+0)127 Days2h 21m 22s
( -15|-7 )king landirron2672(+0)(+0)130 Days2h 21m 53s
( -5|-17 )[01]Maxim Decimus1362(+0)(+0)130 Days2h 31m 53s
( -1|18 )A01Bitravia2677(+0)(+0)127 Days2h 34m 31s