Me - Alliance history

June 2017
12/06/17The alliance Me was founded.
Founding members:: visitor, Abu 3wees, Khal drogo and BLUES.
The alliance reaches a population more than 100.
13/06/17Joining of:smeden, almotaz, Froz, Alshref, ShNayDeR, Love 4 ever and G3mos.
The alliance reaches a population more than 1,000.
14/06/17Joining of:CharlesVIII.
15/06/17Joining of:Lord, MALAPI TOWN, nokia75, Noora1 and kaMaz.
16/06/17Joining of:Zou, Aad, Blackthunder, o chefe and DRAGONFIRE.
17/06/17Joining of:HesZ, papa_smurf, lntn and Maldini.
Leaving of:lntn.
18/06/17Joining of:Mssi, Elphares, nurse, Bubbajones24 and sinisa.
Leaving of:Zou and DRAGONFIRE.
The alliance reaches a population more than 5,000.
19/06/17Joining of:Zain and SmArT!.
20/06/17Joining of:trix, Kljaja & Serdjo and Danger Druid.
Leaving of:Abu 3wees and BLUES.
The alliance reaches a population more than 10,000.
21/06/17Joining of:undefined.
22/06/17Joining of:thamer.
Leaving of:almotaz and MALAPI TOWN.
Deletion of:SmArT!.
23/06/17Joining of:Here, Noop and Where.
Leaving of:papa_smurf.
27/06/17Joining of:rungkut.
Leaving of:CharlesVIII.
28/06/17Deletion of:smeden.
29/06/17Deletion of:Blackthunder.
30/06/17Joining of:Spannanator.
Leaving of:HesZ.
July 2017
04/07/17Deletion of:Mssi.
05/07/17Deletion of:sinisa.
06/07/17Leaving of:Alshref ShNayDeR Love 4 ever kaMaz nurse Kljaja & Serdjo and Spannanator.
12/07/17Joining of:Mowz the great.
15/07/17Deletion of:Danger Druid.
17/07/17Leaving of:Mowz the great.
18/07/17Leaving of:o chefe.
19/07/17Deletion of:Elphares.
21/07/17Deletion of:visitor.
22/07/17Deletion of:Maldini.
23/07/17Deletion of:Aad.
August 2017
12/08/17Deletion of:thamer.
19/08/17Deletion of:Here Noop and Where.
23/08/17Deletion of:Noora1.
25/08/17Deletion of:trix.
26/08/17Deletion of:Zain.
29/08/17Deletion of:Khal drogo.
September 2017
06/09/17Deletion of:rungkut.
08/09/17Deletion of:Froz Bubbajones24 and undefined.
11/09/17Deletion of:nokia75.