ILM 4 - Alliance history

July 2021
28/07/21The alliance ILM4 (today: ILM 4) was founded.
Founding members:: xanxaras, rumbafum, mwlira, xena, Alexander Magno, StarPlasma, MadMan, calango, Skulls, Doraaventureira, EVRTON, Favelado, Medina surf and Pitfried.
The alliance reaches a population more than 10,000.
29/07/21Joining of:thermopylae, Enrique12, cheeen, Tyler Durden and asoadrianos.
Leaving of:Doraaventureira.
30/07/21Joining of:Hierrofundido, GHOSTHUNTERZ69, Olympus, Laviegaz and Aldojunior.
31/07/21Joining of:esquilomagico.
August 2021
02/08/21The alliance is now known as ILM 4.
Joining of:Kirios and Player123.
03/08/21Joining of:HM1, cilveks01, Elder Elrond, madalia, ajrs1974 and Will.
04/08/21Joining of:bru_no and Zero.
Leaving of:Alexander Magno Skulls and Favelado.
05/08/21Joining of:Derfel, scheylla, Naninha, fnx-rage, LilloElHigh, mxyaxel, andrepgsp, Tato.CHL, GeBe, vagalesr, WarOtaku, Kratosgaiden, Teriyaki, ladypsycho, Ulysses, Sunny, Reyoliver, Gahia020, ualisson, Giopolaris, Marcos23, LEOMAR, Nove, Araponga, tekelili, vlealsantos and AgnarEr.
06/08/21Joining of:Mystica.
The alliance have their first conquest.
07/08/21Leaving of:xanxaras and thermopylae.
Deletion of:Will.
The alliance reaches a population more than 50,000.
08/08/21Joining of:Steve.
Leaving of:scheylla.
09/08/21Joining of:kenra.
10/08/21Joining of:Lereu.
Leaving of:mwlira.
11/08/21Joining of:YOU NOT FARM.
12/08/21Joining of:wordguerra.
Leaving of:YOU NOT FARM.
17/08/21Joining of:Dalv3n.
18/08/21Leaving of:GHOSTHUNTERZ69 Derfel fnx-rage mxyaxel Tato.CHL GeBe Kratosgaiden ladypsycho Ulysses Sunny Reyoliver Gahia020 Marcos23 LEOMAR and AgnarEr.
19/08/21Leaving of:ajrs1974 Teriyaki Giopolaris Araponga and vlealsantos.
Deletion of:WarOtaku.
20/08/21Leaving of:EVRTON Hierrofundido LilloElHigh and Mystica.
23/08/21Deletion of:Nove.
24/08/21Joining of:Ulysses.
Leaving of:tekelili and Ulysses.
25/08/21Deletion of:Tyler Durden.
The alliance has done over 5 conquests.
26/08/21Deletion of:Naninha.
27/08/21Leaving of:esquilomagico.
29/08/21Leaving of:Zero and Steve.
30/08/21Joining of:Java.
September 2021
04/09/21Deletion of:wordguerra.
05/09/21Joining of:Morello.
Leaving of:StarPlasma calango Pitfried Enrique12 cheeen Laviegaz cilveks01 madalia vagalesr ualisson Java and Morello.
06/09/21Leaving of:rumbafum xena MadMan Medina surf Aldojunior Player123 HM1 Lereu and Dalv3n.
07/09/21Deletion of:andrepgsp.
08/09/21Leaving of:Kirios and kenra.
14/09/21Leaving of:asoadrianos.
20/09/21Deletion of:Elder Elrond.
October 2021
19/10/21Deletion of:Olympus.
21/10/21Deletion of:bru_no.
The alliance ILM 4 was canceled.