RUS - Alliance history

September 2021
11/09/21The alliance RUS was founded.
Founding members:: ATL, PilotSamara, mister, Bratori, Mikedi, k-ro48, Nordlys, Canpo46, pipito, lime2, DIMA, SAIF.RU, Fast&Furious, El Perdedor, Gereto, Flea and Стюардесса.
The alliance reaches a population more than 5,000.
12/09/21Joining of:Koala900, Oliver, MrMilanista, Distructer, Точка and Cuervo.
Deletion of:Fast&Furious and El Perdedor.
The alliance reaches a population more than 10,000.
13/09/21Joining of:Pikaso, Собриолог, SERGY and Леха.
Leaving of:ATL Mikedi pipito lime2 and SAIF.RU.
14/09/21Joining of:Zuev_88, Espenitos, Azad, Невидимия, jeux200710, IYI, Tevios and Wopfi.
Leaving of:Nordlys Canpo46 and Леха.
15/09/21Joining of:Blackpink, karolukas and ALESSANDRA.
Leaving of:k-ro48 MrMilanista and Distructer.
16/09/21Joining of:Elisa.
Deletion of:DIMA.
17/09/21Joining of:веном, cesna777 and Miemra.
Leaving of:Azad.
Deletion of:Pikaso.
18/09/21Deletion of:Espenitos and ALESSANDRA.
20/09/21Deletion of:Bratori Oliver and Miemra.
22/09/21Deletion of:PilotSamara.
23/09/21Deletion of:Flea.
24/09/21Deletion of:Blackpink.
25/09/21Deletion of:Gereto.
The alliance have their first conquest.
26/09/21Deletion of:Tevios.
27/09/21Leaving of:jeux200710.
28/09/21Deletion of:Cuervo and Невидимия.
29/09/21Deletion of:SERGY.
30/09/21Leaving of:Elisa.
October 2021
01/10/21Joining of:Bibi Blocksberg.
08/10/21Deletion of:IYI.
17/10/21Deletion of:Koala900.