DXS - Alliance history

January 2018
08/01/18The alliance seniores (today: DXS) was founded.
Founding members:: Trold, engel, ChromEngineer, Akhmaxhacks, bridgehat, fredda-, dansken and Old Gammelnok.
The alliance reaches a population more than 100.
09/01/18Joining of:Itzi, Mini Kylle, SØN AF EN GUD and Sir Ironoak.
The alliance reaches a population more than 1,000.
10/01/18Joining of:zeke and Spaceman.
11/01/18Joining of:Viz.
Leaving of:SØN AF EN GUD.
12/01/18Joining of:whiskybravo, Archangels, Bros and GreKeN.
14/01/18Joining of:mmm and bikerman.
Leaving of:Akhmaxhacks.
16/01/18Joining of:Marius and piffe60.
17/01/18Joining of:JungYung and Tigersnake99.
18/01/18The alliance reaches a population more than 5,000.
19/01/18Joining of:Ljungbass.
20/01/18The alliance is now known as DXS.
Joining of:Spartacus, Sol, AnnAhl, frazy, Trix, Crixus and Ramses.
21/01/18Joining of:ruwa, Skapakaos, Ärtsy and Drake.
The alliance reaches a population more than 10,000.
22/01/18Joining of:Samcro and LMN62.
Deletion of:piffe60.
23/01/18Joining of:RutzkyRoth and ZeroDeaths.
25/01/18Joining of:Zeppe.
Leaving of:ruwa.
26/01/18Joining of:clojure.
Leaving of:JungYung.
30/01/18Leaving of:RutzkyRoth.
February 2018
06/02/18Joining of:Jarappa.
Leaving of:Marius.
Deletion of:bridgehat.
07/02/18Joining of:Lorsted.
15/02/18Leaving of:Spartacus AnnAhl Crixus Ramses and Ärtsy.
16/02/18Leaving of:zeke and bikerman.
17/02/18Joining of:Rules and fjodor.
Leaving of:Skapakaos.
18/02/18Joining of:bikerman, Ramses, Spartacus, Ärtsy and Crixus.
The alliance reaches a population more than 50,000.
19/02/18Joining of:Gardo.
Deletion of:GreKeN.
20/02/18Deletion of:Trix.
The alliance have their first conquest.
21/02/18Joining of:Meridius.
22/02/18Joining of:anxon and simgro.
26/02/18Deletion of:Trold.
28/02/18Leaving of:Itzi.
March 2018
01/03/18Joining of:BooonKi, Elis and Harpfow.
03/03/18Joining of:Ronja and Kuma.
04/03/18Leaving of:Ronja and Kuma.
The alliance has done over 5 conquests.
09/03/18Joining of:Ron Zacapa.
11/03/18The alliance reaches a population more than 100,000.
14/03/18Deletion of:fjodor.
16/03/18The alliance has done over 10 conquests.
17/03/18Joining of:Gecco, Pena, Aamukala, Kolumbus, kalat, jyrä, Marspack1, Jager, Hakezzi, Kikkendaalen, Kingdom, Börje, Häröpallo, Rada and Kadkine.
18/03/18Joining of:Mixxy.
19/03/18Joining of:Lunatic.
Leaving of:dansken and ZeroDeaths.
20/03/18Joining of:Hunkongen and locoppi.
21/03/18Joining of:greatottomans.
Leaving of:Samcro.
24/03/18The alliance has done over 20 conquests.
26/03/18Deletion of:greatottomans.
29/03/18Joining of:Alphastorm.
31/03/18Joining of:Spartan.
April 2018
02/04/18Leaving of:Lunatic.
03/04/18Joining of:Aivovamma, dansken and Teutates.
Leaving of:Meridius.
08/04/18Leaving of:Häröpallo.
09/04/18Joining of:Cookie dough.
11/04/18Deletion of:Sir Ironoak.
12/04/18Joining of:Häröpallo.
13/04/18Deletion of:Mini Kylle.
14/04/18Deletion of:Cookie dough.
16/04/18Leaving of:Hunkongen.
17/04/18Deletion of:Ljungbass.
18/04/18The alliance has done over 50 conquests.
20/04/18Deletion of:Elis.
22/04/18Leaving of:Sol.
27/04/18Joining of:pihvi, Hakkapeli, WuT, Jaaiski and Byggen.
28/04/18Joining of:frozen.
Leaving of:Drake.
29/04/18Leaving of:Hakezzi.
30/04/18Joining of:zeke and Accountor.
May 2018
01/05/18Joining of:KING.
02/05/18Leaving of:anxon and simgro.
03/05/18Joining of:Tcl, Sissikissa and Kelner.
Deletion of:Crixus.
04/05/18Leaving of:fredda-.
05/05/18Joining of:Palikka.
Leaving of:Spaceman Tigersnake99 Teutates and zeke.
06/05/18Joining of:IVBeer, Rasvakeijo, Kartzaz, Godlike and Akseli.
08/05/18Deletion of:Godlike.
11/05/18Deletion of:Rules.
14/05/18Leaving of:Spartan and Kelner.
15/05/18Joining of:Cides, Korcus and Zepron.
16/05/18Joining of:Lothbrok.
Leaving of:locoppi.
Deletion of:frazy.
17/05/18Joining of:ossus and zionik.
19/05/18The alliance has done over 100 conquests.
20/05/18Deletion of:Akseli.
21/05/18Leaving of:Börje.
24/05/18Joining of:tskizu.
25/05/18Joining of:paxlium.
26/05/18Deletion of:IVBeer.
June 2018
03/06/18Deletion of:Accountor.
05/06/18Leaving of:WuT.
Deletion of:Kadkine.
06/06/18Leaving of:Lorsted Spartacus and Alphastorm.
07/06/18Leaving of:jyrä.
11/06/18Joining of:Lorsted.
12/06/18Joining of:guldsurfaren and Caligulaminix.
15/06/18Deletion of:Lorsted.
17/06/18Leaving of:BooonKi.
18/06/18Joining of:WuT.
25/06/18The alliance reaches a population more than 500,000.
26/06/18Leaving of:Kolumbus.
27/06/18Deletion of:frozen.
28/06/18Leaving of:Ärtsy.
July 2018
03/07/18Joining of:Ärtsy.
15/07/18Deletion of:Gardo.
17/07/18The alliance has done over 200 conquests.
22/07/18Leaving of:clojure.
27/07/18Leaving of:Jager.
August 2018
09/08/18Joining of:Kolumbus.
11/08/18Deletion of:Mixxy.
17/08/18Leaving of:mmm.
20/08/18Joining of:Pernouh.
22/08/18Joining of:mmm.