UM - Alliance history

January 2018
08/01/18The alliance UM was founded.
Founding members:: Maks, Trigeron, iluvatar, greddAn, Vimsipimsi, Anton.bskv, Buse, tty and Klintaeus.
The alliance reaches a population more than 100.
09/01/18Joining of:Iscoalle, mitchie96, SpK, razoc, Fireoak, Aurora, Britt-marie and Posty.
The alliance reaches a population more than 1,000.
10/01/18Joining of:Bratholmen and Vmaster.
11/01/18Joining of:rumsren, Kimee, dsadsa, pafti, asdasd, Wasall, Bitter and Viking den gode.
12/01/18Joining of:Bonnie & clyde, Darktoxic and Illuzion.
13/01/18Joining of:Jimmy_Blue, Ludomania, Emaly and Hammerlord.
Leaving of:Hammerlord.
The alliance reaches a population more than 5,000.
14/01/18Joining of:Afondo.
Leaving of:Illuzion.
15/01/18Joining of:gambler1955 and FrostBorn91.
Leaving of:Posty.
16/01/18Joining of:Hansson14 and MrTyCo.
18/01/18Leaving of:Darktoxic.
19/01/18Joining of:Avocado.
The alliance reaches a population more than 10,000.
24/01/18Joining of:Bingo.
26/01/18Joining of:Xenomorph.
27/01/18Joining of:Jes.
Deletion of:gambler1955.
29/01/18Joining of:Ainton.
February 2018
01/02/18Leaving of:Afondo.
02/02/18Leaving of:Xenomorph.
03/02/18Leaving of:Anton.bskv and pafti.
Deletion of:Ainton.
06/02/18Joining of:Jaerv and Murs3.
07/02/18Joining of:Mediumplaays, Demonhacker and cha99.
08/02/18Leaving of:Bratholmen Wasall FrostBorn91 and Avocado.
09/02/18Leaving of:Bitter and cha99.
11/02/18Joining of:Sumppiz, Remedyn, Tero and skogstad.
15/02/18Joining of:avaox and theman212.
16/02/18Joining of:NorthernSky and Mite.
Leaving of:Kimee and Demonhacker.
19/02/18Leaving of:avaox and theman212.
The alliance reaches a population more than 50,000.
21/02/18Leaving of:Murs3.
23/02/18Joining of:boch_pumpfail_.
25/02/18Leaving of:Mediumplaays.
March 2018
02/03/18Leaving of:Buse.
03/03/18Deletion of:boch_pumpfail_.
04/03/18Joining of:Bredwad.
09/03/18Joining of:Buse.
Deletion of:skogstad.
10/03/18 The alliance have their first conquest.
12/03/18Leaving of:Maks.
13/03/18Leaving of:greddAn.
17/03/18Leaving of:Britt-marie and asdasd.
The alliance has done over 5 conquests.
18/03/18Joining of:Freak, Osiris, Cailroni, Elisepower, Wennman, Kramer, Walker, el presidente, Kortbokse, Benq, babelicious, Lerry, SØN AF EN GUD and Noneck.
Leaving of:Vmaster.
The alliance reaches a population more than 100,000.
19/03/18Joining of:The Flashman, Wizrd, mikromidas, Gattacus, picklestein, Arya Stark and BFG198cm.
20/03/18Leaving of:Iscoalle Fireoak Sumppiz and Arya Stark.
The alliance has done over 10 conquests.
21/03/18Joining of:Kurven.
Leaving of:Remedyn.
Deletion of:Walker.
22/03/18Joining of:Ragnar Lodbrok.
Leaving of:razoc and Kramer.
24/03/18Joining of:tokig and Arya Stark.
Leaving of:Buse.
28/03/18Leaving of:babelicious.
30/03/18Joining of:Lomax.
31/03/18Joining of:Budda.
April 2018
02/04/18Deletion of:el presidente.
03/04/18The alliance has done over 20 conquests.
05/04/18Joining of:stefana.
Leaving of:Gattacus.
06/04/18Joining of:weirdoguy.
07/04/18Joining of:KunngenKappe.
11/04/18Joining of:Glimmerbøssen, Littlebrother, Kjellia, Vampy and Granat.
12/04/18Joining of:Swoople.
16/04/18Leaving of:BFG198cm.
22/04/18Leaving of:Cailroni and Kjellia.
23/04/18Joining of:Sol.
The alliance has done over 50 conquests.
24/04/18Joining of:Kjellia.
Leaving of:KunngenKappe.
25/04/18Joining of:Ubermicr0, opus and jason96.
27/04/18Leaving of:Noneck and Granat.
28/04/18Joining of:schneider and bbxx.
May 2018
01/05/18Joining of:Prophet.
Leaving of:Bredwad.
02/05/18Leaving of:Swoople.
03/05/18Leaving of:mitchie96.
04/05/18Joining of:AnKa.
Leaving of:Jaerv SØN AF EN GUD and Kurven.
06/05/18Joining of:gurraguring.
07/05/18Leaving of:AnKa.
16/05/18The alliance has done over 100 conquests.
19/05/18Deletion of:tokig.
20/05/18Leaving of:weirdoguy.
22/05/18Leaving of:Arya Stark.
24/05/18Joining of:Makarlsen.
Leaving of:Vimsipimsi.
25/05/18Deletion of:Freak.
26/05/18Leaving of:Bonnie & clyde.
31/05/18Leaving of:The Flashman.
June 2018
01/06/18Joining of:Barbapapa.
04/06/18Leaving of:Tero.
13/06/18Leaving of:MrTyCo Lomax and Budda.
17/06/18Leaving of:picklestein and Littlebrother.
20/06/18Leaving of:dsadsa Elisepower and Glimmerbøssen.
22/06/18Leaving of:opus.
23/06/18Leaving of:iluvatar and rumsren.
27/06/18Deletion of:Jes.
July 2018
01/07/18Leaving of:Osiris and Lerry.
03/07/18Joining of:Osiris and Lerry.
Leaving of:Wennman.
04/07/18Deletion of:jason96.
17/07/18Joining of:The Flashman.
20/07/18Leaving of:Makarlsen.
21/07/18The alliance has done over 200 conquests.
26/07/18Leaving of:Kortbokse.
27/07/18Leaving of:tty Klintaeus SpK Viking den gode Jimmy_Blue Ludomania Emaly NorthernSky Mite Benq stefana Sol Kjellia schneider bbxx gurraguring and Barbapapa.
28/07/18Leaving of:Aurora Hansson14 Bingo mikromidas Ragnar Lodbrok and Ubermicr0.
29/07/18Leaving of:Wizrd Vampy and The Flashman.
30/07/18Leaving of:Trigeron and Prophet.
31/07/18The alliance UM was canceled.