S -|T|- - Alliance history

January 2011
14/01/11The alliance -WaT- (today: S -|T|-) was founded.
Founding members:: Good Lion, Oricel, Wanted and boxer.
The alliance reaches a population more than 100.
15/01/11Joining of:lampo4ka, guitarman and cj_parker.
The alliance reaches a population more than 1,000.
16/01/11Joining of:Quo, Pestilence11, Sleepy, mead and Bluekez.
17/01/11Joining of:jimasaurus.
18/01/11Joining of:Ihavereturned.
19/01/11Joining of:Stephen and Gibson.
20/01/11Joining of:LETS PLAY.
21/01/11Leaving of:Pestilence11.
22/01/11Joining of:scourge, sment, sirOliver and potica.
24/01/11Joining of:Tekumseh.
26/01/11Joining of:polk.
Leaving of:sment.
28/01/11Joining of:alex77.
The alliance reaches a population more than 5,000.
29/01/11Leaving of:Quo.
31/01/11Joining of:Vladossss, Vladosssss and Corvinus.
February 2011
01/02/11Joining of:Kutuzoff, Laughinhard, oxomate, ree and I-amsilent.
02/02/11Joining of:Torpeda.
Leaving of:Sleepy.
03/02/11Joining of:Shoorty00.
08/02/11Joining of:morfi3660.
The alliance reaches a population more than 10,000.
09/02/11Joining of:mere, Heba, reyd and philipt123.
10/02/11Joining of:i am sam.
12/02/11The alliance is now known as -|T|-.
Joining of:HUAD and VTD.
Leaving of:scourge.
13/02/11Leaving of:Shoorty00.
15/02/11Joining of:Dorset Dobie.
Deletion of:Torpeda.
16/02/11Leaving of:Good Lion.
17/02/11Joining of:Daner and Tompann.
20/02/11Joining of:SomeBrown.
21/02/11Joining of:A..M.
Leaving of:alex77.
22/02/11Joining of:harry.
24/02/11Leaving of:oxomate.
26/02/11Joining of:zuezuespetals.
Leaving of:sirOliver.
27/02/11Joining of:BlackWidow.
Leaving of:Oricel Gibson LETS PLAY Tekumseh Heba and reyd.
28/02/11Joining of:laser, vandal, fallenone, traxyboy, azonder, alikat, grumphy, bigshibs, Daimon and Legoin.
Leaving of:jimasaurus potica Vladossss Kutuzoff morfi3660 mere i am sam Daner SomeBrown and vandal.
March 2011
01/03/11Joining of:SiLeNT KiLLeR X, Spaceman, Joris., maarten, Trimbo, Tomoe Gozen, lordteapot, raka and frape.
Leaving of:Vladosssss Corvinus ree philipt123 traxyboy and Joris..
02/03/11Joining of:Gibson, Eroll, Panic, Koopa, Shagour, Beybe, Trakker, Boldor77 and Queen Bee.
Leaving of:Tompann and harry.
03/03/11Joining of:PiperChris.
Leaving of:Dorset Dobie.
04/03/11Joining of:JiNu.
06/03/11Joining of:clsdeys.
08/03/11Leaving of:SiLeNT KiLLeR X.
09/03/11Joining of:mdlam.
13/03/11Leaving of:Stephen.
14/03/11Leaving of:azonder.
15/03/11Joining of:Stephen, macarie, tirpitz, T1TAN and Beast.
16/03/11Leaving of:macarie.
Deletion of:T1TAN.
17/03/11Joining of:AssM team.
19/03/11The alliance reaches a population more than 50,000.
20/03/11 The alliance have their first conquest.
22/03/11Joining of:Traesanii.
25/03/11Joining of:Kojot, decky and xpain.
26/03/11Leaving of:xpain.
28/03/11Joining of:White Rhino.
Deletion of:lordteapot.
29/03/11Joining of:FreeMoon.
31/03/11Joining of:megawill.
April 2011
01/04/11Joining of:Empty Pit.
03/04/11Joining of:Mazinger Z.
Leaving of:Panic.
08/04/11Joining of:waylon.
10/04/11Leaving of:zuezuespetals.
12/04/11Joining of:indiscrete.
13/04/11Leaving of:AssM team.
The alliance reaches a population more than 100,000.
15/04/11Joining of:tiger007.
16/04/11Deletion of:I-amsilent.
22/04/11Leaving of:Spaceman.
23/04/11Leaving of:decky.
27/04/11Joining of:avramuk1983, Zarj, jbijalba, xllFalloutllx and darkray_lugo.
Leaving of:Gibson.
28/04/11Joining of:boddy and greybeard.
29/04/11Joining of:Black Pope.
30/04/11Leaving of:Zarj.
May 2011
05/05/11Joining of:Lennox.
08/05/11Leaving of:HUAD.
10/05/11Leaving of:tiger007.
11/05/11Joining of:HUAD.
12/05/11Leaving of:Ihavereturned boddy and HUAD.
14/05/11Joining of:HUAD.
16/05/11The alliance has done over 5 conquests.
18/05/11Joining of:narcysa and Ihavereturned.
Leaving of:narcysa.
19/05/11Joining of:Ratkiller, xpain and Disciple.
20/05/11Joining of:KenThez.
Leaving of:alikat.
21/05/11Deletion of:Kojot.
22/05/11Joining of:Noko.
23/05/11Leaving of:avramuk1983 and HUAD.
27/05/11Leaving of:Stephen.
Deletion of:grumphy.
The alliance has done over 10 conquests.
29/05/11Joining of:Stephen.
Deletion of:mead.
June 2011
04/06/11Deletion of:Laughinhard.
09/06/11Joining of:Livvy.
13/06/11Leaving of:Tomoe Gozen.
15/06/11Joining of:Kal_Torak.
18/06/11Leaving of:tirpitz.
The alliance has done over 20 conquests.
20/06/11Joining of:Dangun Wanggeom.
Leaving of:fallenone.
30/06/11Deletion of:VTD.
July 2011
18/07/11The alliance is now known as S -|T|-.
23/07/11Leaving of:polk.
27/07/11Joining of:polk.
30/07/11Leaving of:White Rhino.
31/07/11Leaving of:Koopa.
August 2011
08/08/11Leaving of:lampo4ka.
Deletion of:Shagour.
10/08/11Joining of:miha111.
17/08/11Leaving of:indiscrete.
23/08/11Leaving of:clsdeys.
30/08/11The alliance has done over 50 conquests.
September 2011
01/09/11Joining of:Raisul Shuvo.
02/09/11Leaving of:PiperChris.
03/09/11Leaving of:Kal_Torak.
05/09/11Leaving of:laser.
12/09/11Leaving of:Stephen.
13/09/11Leaving of:Traesanii.
19/09/11Leaving of:FreeMoon.
October 2011
01/10/11Leaving of:Raisul Shuvo.
05/10/11Joining of:alex77.
10/10/11Leaving of:Trimbo.
11/10/11Leaving of:Eroll.
20/10/11Leaving of:maarten.
23/10/11Leaving of:Noko.
November 2011
05/11/11Leaving of:Wanted.
06/11/11Leaving of:Livvy.
10/11/11Leaving of:miha111.