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Battle report: WARGAR attacks wheresmecaravan

Subject:  WARGAR attacks wheresmecaravan
Time: Wednesday, 10/08/2011 10:38:00 pm
Attacker WARGAR of village ◪2☠
 PhalanxSwordsmanPathfinderTheutates ThunderDruidriderHaeduanRamTrebuchetChieftainSettlerHero
Info: City Wall lowered from level 20 to level 19
Info: Wonder of the World lowered from level 62 to level 54
Info:None of your soldiers have returned
Defender wheresmecaravan of village In memory of Brian
 LegionnairePraetorianImperianEquites LegatiEquites ImperatorisEquites CaesarisBattering RamFire CatapultSenatorSettlerHero

Statistics for this battle report

Name Attacker Defender
Units ()83,612?
Casualties ()83,612?
Casualties (%)100%?
Casualties (+)44,812,300?
Casualties in building time 216 Days?
Fighting strength 3,697,900 ?
Bounty / capacity0 / 0 (0%)
Effective bounty-44,812,300
Min. travel time (with TS 20)24:45:23
Max. travel time (no TS)54:16:08
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