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Battle report: zanzibar attacks Lasiodora

Subject:  zanzibar attacks Lasiodora
Time: Thursday, 6/12/2018 12:39:32 pm
Attacker zanzibar of village
 ClubswingerSpearmanAxemanScoutPaladinTeutonic KnightRamCatapultChiefSettlerHero
Info: Residence destroyed
Info:Residence was the selected target, but there is no such building in the target village. Random target selected. Cranny destroyed
Info:The inhabitants of ouzo decided to join your empire.
Info: The inhabitants of ouzo decided to join your empire.
Defender Lasiodora of village
 LegionnairePraetorianImperianEquites LegatiEquites ImperatorisEquites CaesarisBattering RamFire CatapultSenatorSettlerHero

Statistics for this battle report

Name Attacker Defender
Units ()6,01712
Casualties ()112
Casualties (%)0%100%
Casualties (+)2505,520
Casualties in building time 1m47m
Fighting strength 245,670 780
Bounty / capacity0 / 292,860 (0%)
Effective bounty-250
Travel time0:20:00
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