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Battle report: Eurypedes attacks Tauriel

Subject:  Eurypedes attacks Tauriel
Time: Thursday, 27/10/2016 2:00:01 am
Attacker Eurypedes of village Adema 15
 PhalanxSwordsmanPathfinderTheutates ThunderDruidriderHaeduanRamTrebuchetChieftainSettlerHero
Info: Earth Wall lowered from level 10 to level 3.
Info: Treasure Chamber lowered from level 11 to level 2.
Info:none of the attacker's troops returned
Info: The defender was supported by the artifact: The Architects' Master Secret.
Defender Tauriel of village 22 Antwerpen
 ClubswingerSpearmanAxemanScoutPaladinTeutonic KnightRamCatapultChiefSettlerHero

Statistics for this battle report

Name Attacker Defender
Units ()103,993?
Casualties ()103,993?
Casualties (%)100%?
Casualties (+)58,398,500?
Casualties in building time 230 Days?
Fighting strength 4,157,140 ?
Bounty / capacity0 / 0 (0%)
Effective bounty-58,398,500
Min. travel time (with TS 20)14:56:12
Max. travel time (no TS)31:28:36
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