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Getter-Tools 2.0 - Nyheder

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30.08.2011  Big Update
System update: The system has been adepted to the newest technical possibilities. The interface is faster and easier to handle.
Theme update: The ICE-Theme looks much better and moderner now.
Truppenentwicklung: A new graphical statistics in the troop area shows the troop development over the last time.
Speed-Mod im Einsatzplan: It is now possible to enter speed modification times from the hero in the plan editor.
Inaktivensuche: Maximum range incresed to 60.
Ranking: The question mark in the ranking is now not longer shown to people who have the needed rights.
Popuplation graph: The top tables now have small graphics, which displays the population statistics over the last 2 month.
Trooptool hiearchy: The hierarchy function for connections between alliances/groups is now available!
30.07.2011  Email login
Login with your email: You can now login yourself with your email address. So forgotten usernames are no longer a problem. If you have more than one account, the email login uses the last registered.
19.02.2011  New server
New server: The website has moved to a new better and faster server.
16.04.2010  System malfunction
System malfunction: The main server had some problems today, which are fixed now. (Mainly german worlds and registration was offline)
08.01.2010  Kampfbericht BB-Code
Battle report BB-Code: The battle report parser has now an BB-Code formatter. It can be used to show any battle report in posts inline.
   * Optimated for the official Travian board. (Color, alignment, columns, max. characters, max. images,...)
   * Heavy reducement of used characters. (3k-11k characters for one report, fits perfectly for the official board)
   * Correct date! (No missleading 'Today' or 'Yesterday' anymore )
   * You can generate any battle report you have in your gt2 archive to BB-Code at any time.
Battle report parser: It is now possible to hide the attackers or defenders troops.
23.12.2009  Update and better internationalization
Rally Point parser: Added the possibility to select additional troop contigents, which cannot detected correctly by default (like troops at/to oasis)
Date format: Every user can now choose his preferred date format in the user settings. (like, yy-mm-dd...)
24h/12h clock: New user setting to change the standard clock format.
Number format: New user setting for number formatting (1.234.567,89 or 1,234,567.89).
US date format: New date format: MM-DD-YY (now standard for us users)
08.12.2009  Update
WW-Croptool: New accuracy setting: 6 hours in 1 minute steps
GetterMap: The marked players and alliance are saved by id's now. So the map remains correct on namechanges.
Other: Small Fix for am/pm time input.
21.11.2009  Dutch worlds
Dutch worlds: Dutch translation is complete. (Thanks to Forsaken).
All dutch Travian worlds have been added and all tools can be fully used for this worlds now.
08.11.2009  Italian worlds
Italian worlds: Italian translation is complete. (Thanks to MCLXIII).
All italian Travian worlds have been added and all tools can be fully used for this worlds now.
05.11.2009  Croptool update
Croptool: The croptool has been updated for the new display of multiple shipments (2x, 3x). If such a multiple shipment is detected, it will be saved as such and considered in the crop supply graph and stats.
03.10.2009  Battle report parser updated
Battle report parser: The battle report format has changed. The parser has been adapted to parse the new format.
01.10.2009  New Server
New Server: As you may have noticed, the tool got a little bit slow sometimes. So GT2 needs a better server. The new better server is installed and online now. The tool should be fine and fast again :-).
02.08.2009  New features
Trooptool news: The news in trooptool groups are now displayed in its own area. The news icon will blink, if you have any unread messages of your group. You can deactivate the news area in your group administration.
Sitter troops: If you have registered (advanced) sitters entries in the tool, you can now view and edit their troops like your own. You will get tabs in 'My Troops' for every sitted player. Notice: This option needs the advanced (verified) sitter entry, not the regular simple one for lists.
Defense search updated: The defense search in trooptool is updated. Now every line show the unit numbers, their icon, their speed and their food consumption.
27.07.2009  Big Update
English news: The update news of GT2 are now published in english language too.
Trooptool member profile: Every member has now an own member profile. There you can see all known informations about that player in very clearly tabs full of data.
Every member can add additional information to his profile ! In 'Trooptool->My Account->Profile' you can add name, gender, age, ICQ and so on to your profile.

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