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Getter-Tools 2.0 - Nyheder

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29.09.2015  World update fix and cookie notice
• World updater is fixed and will find new travian worlds quick again.
• Added notice about cookies.
• Minor fixed and adjustments for new worlds.
24.08.2015  Parser updates, design, unit pictues and bugfixes.
• The parsers have overhauled and work for many special cases and browsers.
• Unit pictures updated.
• Small changes to design.
• Many minor Fixes and smaller updates.
30.05.2015  Update for Travian Kingdoms, crop tool, tooltip and more
• The battle report parser and crop tool parser are now working for Travian Kingdoms.
• The croptool have been updated and support more worlds and languages now. (All travian versions)
• A new better and nice looking tooltip.
• Many minor Fixes and smaller updates.
11.05.2015  Beta version for Travian Kingdoms
• The Getter-Tools now supports the new Travian Kingdom version. It is still beta and in development, so some things may be broken or not fully supported.
22.08.2014  New server
• The website has moved to a better, faster and more reliable server.
• Added IPv6 Support.
• Added support for SSL encryption.
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