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Wereld Wonder - Graantool -

The crop tool allows you to easily support big troops with crop in a efficient and optimized way.
Suited for all cases: Big armies, spontaneous defense actions or defense of Wonder of the worlds. With the crop tool your troops won't starve.

Features of crop tool

  • Automatic parsing of information. Just copy your marketplace!
  • Detailed summarized graphical overview of all crop deliveries.
  • No limit: Create as many instances as you like.
  • Calculation of crop storage and production. Will predict exact time of starvation and crop overflow.
  • Will provide a link for easy access. So players see their villages and can send crop directly to your village.
  • Easy handling for senders: Display of own villages with travel time, current predicted crop storage at arrival and a direct link to send crop.
  • Sitter handling: Your sitters can update all your instances without needing direct account access. Just add them as advanced sitter.

Special mode for Wonder of the world

  • High precision: Show crop levels in higher precision: Every 1, 5, 10 or 30 minutes.
  • Secrecy: The values crop storage, demand and deliveries are secret.
  • High-Performance: Work for all alliance and meta sizes. The tool will handle many thousands of deliveries and players.

Wereld Wonder - Maak of werk de crop tool bij (voor

Voor gebruik van de graan tool druk je ctrl+a en ctrl+c in je marktplaats om alles te kopiƫren. Dan druk je ctrl+v in het vak hier om je gegevens te verwerken.
Je moet inloggen om de graantool te gebruiken.
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